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Pietro Antorini

Pietro Antorini, was born in Lugano in 1961. Eclectic personality is immediately faced with the small reality of the Ticino community, so only 20 years he moved to San Francisco, California and began to approach the art world.

He undertakes independent artistic studies in the United States where he becomes aware of the need for study and knowledge of English for his professional future.

At the age of 21 he returned to Switzerland and shortly thereafter moved to Venice, Italy, undertaking Philosophy studies in an attempt to understand the surrounding reality and trying to tame and repress his passion for art.

At the age of 24 he was employed in the cultural department of CSR, the Swiss national television, as a journalist; this gives him the opportunity to constantly confront with artists and visionaries who return to fuel his desire to paint and create.

In this way he begins to discover what is then confirmed to be his innate vocation: the female portrait. Inspired by photos of fashion magazines depicting models photographed by the world’s greatest photographers. It catches the features and minimizes the traits in his paintings.

Until the recent choice, that of portraying “real” models with which to get in touch through social networks. This allows a different approach to the realization of the work, definable as a “virtual” version of the work done in the studio. Indeed, the model, present virtually, collaborates through suggestions and judgments, to the realization of her portrait. The research carried out on the faces and the distance study of the personality of the subject requires a deep and long meditation, moments in which the Muse transcends physical reality and becomes an archetype of Beauty.
Until the recent days when the artist begins the decomposition of portraits, a true turning point in his path, which leads him to the realization of multiple versions of the same subject (optical, window of soul and purity versions).
From 2018 his works acquire ever greater fame and the artist can boast the first requests for collaboration.
The Global Control Group Holding SA commissions a significant number of works to furnish the interiors of its prestigious offices in Lugano. This turns into a real collaboration aimed at turning Pietro Antorini, who in the meantime has become Pit Art, an artist appreciated worldwide.
The works are required in France, England and the first exports to Asia begin.

At the end of 2018 the prestigious Boga Foundation requires 3 works at Pit Art for the Varese, Balerna and Geneva offices.
In December 2018, in collaboration with the marketing agency Matiba, which follows him on his online path, he held a personal exhibition in Milan in the prestigious rooms of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. A great success that allows Pit Art to earn numerous articles in the specialized press as Hestetika, to name one, which dedicates him double page.
On this occasion, the artist is noticed by Deodato, an important Milanese gallerist, who decides to bring Pietro Antorini’s works to the Milanese and Italian market, joining him with names like Mr. Brainwash, Marco Lodola, Keith Haring, well known in contemporary international art.

Commissioned works

The artist is available for custom portraits on request. It is also possible by sending a photograph of the subject to be portrayed.

All the works on this site are unique pieces that can not be replicated, signed by the artist and published in a single copy.

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