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The research for the essence of things is, among the many interesting aspects of these works, perhaps the main one, where the simple linearity of the structure of the subjects is brought to light in an immediate operation of graphic synthesis of reality.

The centrality of the beauty of the female face, precisely synthesized in its substance, in its fundamental lines, is immersed in an environment of geometric elements, as placed behind a dream screen through which it slowly re-emerges at times, in areas, to appear even where not there are signs or contours; until in an instant, the look of that face meets the observer’s gaze.

What is deconstructed and reconstructed in its supporting structure, that face with a silent, deep gaze, is reborn in the mind of the observer.

In this decomposition, a path that goes back to the linearity and purity of the fundamental elements, the intensity of that gaze, is amplified and crystallizes the moment in time, captures it, in a silent indirect dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious ego; a silent language made up of signs, traits, suggestions.

The geometric motifs become a key to open a world where the subject becomes almost subliminal, in which in a suspension from reality, elements of natural beauty are blended with the purity and the essentiality of this geometry.

Elements that tell of places where time can stop, we can grasp the essence of things, their existence in a suspension from the outside world. Observing the duality no longer opposed to art and technique in a silent and hypnotic “painted poetry”.

In other works a third element is added, the instinctual, primordial one: the female face merges into a further geometric amalgam, for example with the eyes of a cat, in the idea of a feline metempsychosis.

And in this language they appear so in their completeness, images that in reality are not complete; the idea of what is the essence of the subjects is portrayed and immediately illuminated.

In other works, also developed on the third dimension, decomposing the reading plane on different planes through the construction of multiple cubical structures, the exploration of space and optical illusion leads to a new level the form of communication: the point of view the observer becomes fundamental, his position in the observation space becomes unique and different observers will see different visions.

The dynamic involvement of the observation leads to trying to align itself with the work, to look for the point where the agreement of the images resounds in a tuning reached but suspended, in an oscillation between the optical interpretation of relief or depth.



Windows of the soul